Meet the Garvins


Mechanical Engineer / Auto Enthusiast / Computer Geek

Engineering castings, weldments, pressure vessels and being an Autodesk Inventor power user keep Paul busy all day. At night he likes to hack on PHP projects. And on the weekends he enjoys working on cars and participating in motorsports activities like autocrossing.


System Administrator / Foodie / Makeup Enthusiast

Irene spends her days maintaining high availability web applications. At night and on weekends she enjoys discussing cosmetics in various online communities and enjoys cooking and baking, especially cupcakes.


... we purchased a cute 1940 built Cape Cod in the Philadelphia 'burbs. We have been making incremental improvements and updates to the house. We blogged our kitchen renovation and plan to blog other projects as they happen.

We host our own photo gallery here. It was started before services like Flickr and Facebook became the place to put your online pics.